Hannah Mugford

Anonymous said:

How do you think you are able to keep a relationship with your boyfriend throughout all of this?

Diego’s thinking about going SF for college. So we will actually live closer than we do now after graduating. Plus, him and I have already had multiple conversations about stuff like this.

Anonymous said:

Hey man I think it's cool you have ambitions like that but in telling you shits a lot harder then you think. Best of luck to you

I never said it’s going to be easy, I’m only saying it’s possible. If there is a will, there’s a way.

Anonymous said:

How are you taking over your dads shop if you want to move everywhere. Your a kid who hadn't thought this through.

See this isn’t something you have asked me about so you have no idea what my plans are..

You see I will move out to Berkeley after high school with Jane for a couple years. While I’m there I will study art at the junior college for two semesters.
Then I will move back to Sacramento by 21ish years old. My dad won’t even be fifty by then. This is where I tell you that I won’t be taking over my dad’s shop until I’m in my thirties.


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Anonymous said:

You kind of do. What are you going to be able to do with out graduating college? No one will hire you

"You kind of do" haha. That doesn’t mean I have too. I have my future job stuff pretty figured out. Work at my dad’s shop where I will work on traditional rods and customs making 24 bucks an hour. Then I’ll take over when he’s unable to work anymore.

I don’t appreciate you hinting at how you think I’m going to be a failure and not get a job.

Anonymous said:

How are you going to get a good job with out attending college?

That’s bullshit! You don’t need to go to college to get a good job.